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Remembering Israel

January 2013 Something in me started really missing Israel recently. It’s not only Israel, but somehow my time there has seemed to become the antithesis to my current life in … Continue reading

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Chef Jane Coxwell in Weekend Names

March 2013 update – Jane recently won peoples choice for her video through Saveur Magazine! Watch the video here. JANE COXWELL | PHOTOS: MEGHAN MCGARRY | WORDS: GENEVIEVE ERNST … Continue reading

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Restaurant – La Famiglia, Antibes, France

July 2012 I have yet to fine a better pizza melanzana anywhere in the world, including Italy. I’ve been coming to la Famiglia for over a decade to enjoy the … Continue reading

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Product – San Remo Zucchini and Blossoms, San Remo, Italy

I am writing some posts for a wonderful blog called the ‘logBLOG‘ during the summer. The first article can be found by clicking here. My recipe is below, highlighting the … Continue reading

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Chef Jane Coxwell posted in Gala France

February 2012 I have to say one of the traits I respect the most is humility.  My mother always stressed that, and at times it can certainly be taken to … Continue reading

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Yacht Chef – MY Bendis

August 2011 Luckily for me, most French kitchens have August off.  So I joined the MY Bendis and worked my first job as solo Chef, not crew chef and not … Continue reading

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