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These are blogs and websites of mostly friends, and some others that I really enjoy.  Have fun!


  • – California – ‘My name is Dallas Clayton. A few years ago I wrote a kids book for my son. That book changed my entire life. Now I spend my days writing stories, drawing pictures, having big ideas and traveling the world sharing them with people of all ages.’
  • – Designer of Fresh Feather earrings now based in San Francisco, CA , ‘It’s funny, once I learned how to ‘let go’ a little bit my creativity got stuck in the limelight.’
  •   Los Angeles, California based ‘By means of sustainable practice, I redesign water-hungry, residential gardens into drought tolerant and California native gardens. There is no question that the advantages of drought tolerant design in an arid landscape are plenty. You will save money on water bills, the aesthetics of California natives are enormously pleasing, and your neighbors and Mother Earth will thank you.’
  • Kelly from Los Angeles, CA ‘A bad teenage babysitter is surveiled by aliens in Surprise Issues. This is a comedic art television show by Kim Kelly and Dylan Mira about the adolescent performance of inhumanity: turning into something unmanageable, the fading elastic on the control top tights, magnifying grotesque embarrassments with obsessive ambivalence’
  • – Melina Reed from Wilmington, NC ‘Right now Melina is primarily focusing on etched copper and fold forms with silver accents, enameling and the incorporation of found objects within necklace, earring, and bracelet designs. The diversity of her pieces reflects the rawness of human expressions; no two will be the same.’


  • http://www.valleygreenfeast.comBased in Northampton, MA Valley Green Feast Collective is a local foods delivery service. Our mission is to support local farms and producers, to help their products reach consumers, and to make local, healthy, delicious food as accessible as possible to a wide range of consumers.
  • – Boone, NC – Jeff and Bettie Thomas founded Creeksong Farm in 1979.  Jeff has cultivated a broad base of customers at the Watauga County Farmers’ Market by being meticulous in his summer vegetable offerings. In 2003, after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, Jeff & Bettie’s son Will returned to the mountains to join the family farm. 
  •  based in Winston-Salem, NC – 2011, we gave in and admitted we needed help! We were very lucky to find Natalie Sevin and convince her to become our farm manager. Natalie majored in anthropology at Wake Forest University and later joined the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa where she became interested in sustainable agriculture.
  • – Yacht Chef living in NYC ‘Chef for Diane von Furstenberg. Exploring, eating, and cooking my way around the world on board Eos.’
  •  – Chicago based ‘I live in Chicago with my husband Joe, and spend our free time seeing live music, cooking crazy meals, biking around town, and keeping track of things on this blog!’
  • – Erin Haggerty Rohlena from the blog above, based in Chicago ‘She’s Erin, he’s Joe. She cooks, he brews. Sometimes, they dabble in each other’s crafts. Always, they love to eat and drink (usually beer).’


  • album features Molly and Maggie with Tim and Sasha and is one part oldtime fiddle tunes, one part shapenote tune arrangements, and one part oldtime singin’ songs with some original songs thrown in the mix.
  •   – I am a musician based in Atlanta, GA.  My primary instruments at this point in life are cello and guitar, but I also really enjoy playing old-time banjo, pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine-like percussion instrument), and fooling around with an old BOSS sampler.

Paris and Food

  • – This is when I had my a-ha moment:  why am I going to grad school when I CLEARLY should be going to culinary school?  So right then and there, I started fervently working on my application to L’Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Francaise, in the food capital of the world…Paris!  To my disbelief…I actually got in!  Join me in my culinary adventure as I discover Paris and my way around the kitchen!
  • – A really adorable blog of photos about food and love,‘This was the Valentine’s day breakfast I made Morgan. If there is ever a time for doing immoderately cute things in the name of love, it’s this day.’
  • – (Not friends but love their updates on restaurants in Paris) Paris by Mouth is a collaborative website, edited by established food writers, that is changing the way people find and appreciate delicious things in Paris. We take the words that are scattered all over the web, filter out the junk, and present it in a way that helps you follow the trends and find a place to eat tonight.
  • French, but no-nonsense guide to the best restaurants in Paris.  The anti-Michelin guide.


  • I stay home with our son, Ethan, and our animals: Cody the dog, Bonnie the puppy, and Sophie and Zoe, the twin cats. I’m also pursuing a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina—at least until that book I haven’t written yet hits the best-seller list.
  • ‘I want to be a better person, I’m focusing on getting me right, living in the moment, less stressful, less angry, less worrysome, more free willed, more understanding, and I’m stopping to smell the flowers.’


  • or – I grew up in North Carolina where I first fell in love with the sunny, quaint beach towns of Emerald Isle, Wrightsville Beach, and the Outer Banks. My travels out of the country first took me to the spice islands of Venezuela and I was hooked. From that point forward my toes yearned to feel the sand of every beach, my eyes wanted to see every shade of blue ocean, and my lips want to taste every fish of the sea.
  • – In French about life in China, ‘Que fait-on un dimanche après-midi à Pékin lorsqu’il fait -10°c dehors? On se balade (bien couverts) sur le lac gelé du parc de Beihai! (où nous pouvons nous rendre en quelques dizaines de minutes grâce à la nouvelle ligne 6 du métro, cacedédi au métro de Pékin 🙂 )’

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