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Restaurants by Country

As of November, 2012 I have stopped doing restaurant reviews.  While I have the culinary background and hospitality experience to make valid reviews, I believe this area is saturated and most people are happy to read the reviews of people with zero knowledge.  Having said that, I also believe people take reviews too litterally instead of the written opinion that they are and I would hate to imagine someone I know not eating at a restaurant because of something I say.  Opinions are like...everyone body has one.

Paris, France

Frenchie Restaurant and Wine Bar
Ze Kitchen Gallery
Chez l’ami Jean
La Bigarrade
Agape Substance
Chez Jolie
Blues Bar-B-Q
Cafe de l’Empire

Lyon, France

L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges

Nantes, France


Cote d’Azure, France

Les Deux Canailles
Alain Llorca
La Famiglia



North Carolina, USA

12 Bones Smokehouse
Little Richards BBQ
Kitchen Roselli

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