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Chef Jane Coxwell posted in Gala France

February 2012

I have to say one of the traits I respect the most is humility.  My mother always stressed that, and at times it can certainly be taken to extremes.  My good friend, Chef Jane Coxwell, however embraces both humility and an amazing sense of humour.  Her talent as a chef was aparent to me when I first worked with her in 2005 on Serendipity Blue in the south of France.  I was the stewardess and she was in her first ever role as a solo Chef for a really great English family.  We had so much fun that season, while working incredibly hard, and we have remained great friends ever since.  Keep an eye out for her, I know good things are in the works…but Ill wait until she shares it.  For the moment, here are her recipes that recently graced the pages of Gala here in France.

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This entry was posted on 30/03/2012 by in Antibes, France, Yachting.

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