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Restaurant – La Famiglia, Antibes, France

July 2012

I have yet to fine a better pizza melanzana anywhere in the world, including Italy. I’ve been coming to la Famiglia for over a decade to enjoy the crispy thin crust pizza, with lots of sauce, not too much cheese and the lovely, buttery eggplant. This is an authentic Italian restaurant near the port in old town Antibes. When I went there last week my husband had the quattro formaggio gnocchi which was amazing as well.

There are only two things to mention, and consider yourself warned. Don’t be in a hurry because it might just take 30 minutes to get your food, but it will be worth it. The second thing is the staff can be, how do I put this, a bit abrupt. They don’t give you the warm and fuzzies like a lot of Italians, but now that you know you won’t be surprised.

34 Avenue Thiers, 06600 Antibes, France. Phone – 04 93 34 60 82


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