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Yacht Chef – MY Bendis

August 2011

Luckily for me, most French kitchens have August off.  So I joined the MY Bendis and worked my first job as solo Chef, not crew chef and not stew/cook…just chef.  It was the best introductory experience as it had its challenges but those were primarily with supplying in Croatia, not with the wonderful guests or crew.  Getting up in the mornings in Venice to visit the Mercato Rialto was such a joy – looking through the wonderful produce, speaking with the fishermen, and ultimately getting my free ride back to the boat from my favorite fisherman.

I was finally cooking, after past months in Bigarrade just doing menial tasks, now I was menu planning, shopping, creating and on top of that ENJOYING it.  This is why I had left my work in the USA, this is what I had been dreaming of for the past 5 years.  Finally, I could look out my galley door at the shimmering Mediterranean waters and smell the salt in the air while preparing a meal in MY OWN galley.  No other chef telling me what to do, no one else sharing my space, it was all me.  Going back to my contracted position was going to be hard, but I always fulfill my obligations.  I find ‘quitting’ anything nearly impossible, even under the worst circumstances.

I had learned great kitchen organization from Bigarrade, but I also realized the food style was so out of my abilities. I liked to eat it, but there was no way I was going to be able to or want to serve 18 individual small plates each service on my own.  My style was going to be about taste, clean and fresh.

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