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Restaurant – Au Passage, Paris, France

November 2012

Few things make the grey, rainy days of a Parisian autumn bearable like a good meal. One might think that with the huge number of restaurants per capita in Paris this should not be a hard thing to find. In fact, it is one of the bigger challenges. To find a truly satisfying meal for under 15€ without reservations is a challenge at best.

There need to be more restaurants like Au Passage in Paris. This is seasonal food cooked perfectly. They didn’t fancy it up with fluff, but cooked everything as well as one could. I’d argue the magret was the best I’ve had in Paris – tender flesh with a crisp, caramelized skin. What a wonderful surprise to see fresh green kale as a side. The dessert was an airy chocolate mousse with sea salt sprinkled on top and a caramel salé on the bottom, divine. I’d argue it was the most satisfying lunch in Paris for 12.50€ (entree/plat or plat/dessert). With coffee the bill was 17€ each.

The original chef, from Spring, is no longer the chef. While I didn’t get a chance to eat there when he cooked, I’d dare say it’s as good as then. I’ll continue my search for a better valued lunch, but will be hard pressed to find a worthy competitor.

Dinner is a market menu as well, with at least ten different tapas style plats to choose from in the 8€-12€ range.

Address- 1 bis, passage Saint-Sébastien, Paris, 75011. Tel – +33 1 43 55 07 52. Lunch Mon-Fri, Dinner Mon-Sat. Reservations suggested. Website –






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