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Restaurant – 12 Bones Smokehouse, Asheville, NC

January 2012

Yes, I’d say I’m from North Carolina.  We moved to NC when I was 14 from New York state.  There were many things to get used to, but one thing I loved immediately was Carolina BBQ with its vinegar sauce, chopped pork and coleslaw on a bun. I don’t know what could be better. So, when I took my boyfriend to 12 Bones in Asheville, NC and he absolutely loved it – I knew I had found a good one.  Winning over the president is one thing, but a Frenchman? Yes.

The ribs fell apart, the corn pudding was delicious, the macaroni and cheese hit the spot, they even have a selection of sauces so if you aren’t into the classic vinegar you’re OK. They’re so successful, they only need to be open for lunch!

The setting isn’t bad either – with a creek running down the side, trees over head, and a nice outdoor sitting area to enjoy the NC sunshine.

5 comments on “Restaurant – 12 Bones Smokehouse, Asheville, NC

  1. kleeyaro

    I tried 12 Bones a few years ago, and wasn’t that impressed. We’re headed to Asheville again next month. Maybe we should try it again!

    • ruedodessa

      I hope you do! The ribs are their stong point in my opinion, it will be nice to hear what you think!

  2. katemcgurk

    Ha.. when you said you knew you’d found a good one i didn’t know if you meant bbq or frenchman … i think you found both ;))

    anne, i love the way you write about food, makes me always want to eat what you write about.
    except the frenchman, obviously 😉

    • ruedodessa

      That was on purpose 😉

      thank you so much, and thats probably for the best! xx

  3. Maryann mazzaferro

    This sounds great Anne!!! If I ever get to Ashville I am going there!!! Sooo great to keep in touch with you! Happy Easter!! L

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