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Wine Bar – Chez Jolie, Paris, France

April 2012

Ultimately, Julien and I had under two months to organize and plan our civil wedding and reception in Paris for my American family, overseas friends and his French friends and family. This was hard enough with a small budget, but even harder given the time crunch and language barrier for me. As the date got closer I started walking the streets of Paris with a flyer, looking for small bistros, bars, cafés and any spaces that seemed available and capable of holding around 70 people. We tried online resources and asked friends. With only three weeks away from the big day, I finally found Chez Jolie. This adorable, eclectic wine bar in the 6eme on rue Dauphine looked perfect. The upstairs was light and friendly, the downstairs a typical French cave which was sure to charm our out of town guests and make a great space for dancing. Not only did it look appropriate for our vin d’honneur, but the people that worked there were friendly and eager to work with us. They communicated often with us and actually seemed interested in our wedding! Finally, a space with positive energy, at a price we could afford.

I cannot say enough nice things about the staff at Chez Jolie. They decorated the space, opened early to let my father in with flowers and let the cake have space to get set up (made by Diane Anthonissen, more to follow). The food was incredible – the best steak tartare I’ve ever had, shrimp and cauliflower salad, house made fois gras and toasts, cheeses, mini île flottants, and a berry dessert to name a few. They cut our cake and served, they went around and poured champagne all evening, they had iPod docks upstairs and down…there was even a coat closet. Even though I wouldn’t say I’m a high maintenance bride, I didn’t have any want or need unfulfilled. Even a week before when my fiancé was away on business and I came in frazzled, they were totally understanding and helpful. If you’re getting married in Paris, and want a fun, professional, but laid back wedding reception, I cannot recommend Chez Jolie enough. It was amazing and my husband and I, and our guests, still remember the day fondly.

Find Chez Jolie on Facebook , 19 rue Dauphine, 75006, Paris, France. +33 1 43 29 82 57 /

*more photos to come!*




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