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Products – Creeksong Farm in Watauga County, NC

May 2012

My oldest friend, Anna, and her husband and daughter live on and care for a beautiful organic farm in the hills of Watauga County in North Carolina. I was lucky enough to spend some time with her this weekend and get a tour of the farm. As it was early in the season there was a lot just starting to grow, leafy salad greens, spinach, Swiss chard, beets, peas, and a variety of herbs. We walked up the hills collecting a bag of mix for our dinners salad. Anna’s husband, Will, came down the hill in his blue tractor to say hello. His parents, Bettie and Jeff (who started the farm), showed me the different wild leaves and flowers to add to our salad, like lambs quarter and clover. It was such a wonderful experience and made me want to learn more.

I also found out that Creeksong is now doing a lot of business with Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, where members pre-order for the season and get a weekly delivery. Creeksong includes their grass fed Angus beef and fresh chicken eggs, along with seasonally available produce in these weekly boxes. Click here to order. It would be nice to live near them and get this weekly box, it makes me want to search out something like this in Paris!

While in Anna’s house making a quiche, I was noticing how she made everything from the farms
produce and even her own fresh crust. She said when you live so far away from everything you have to learn how to make your own. Such a foreign idea for most people i know, but really great to see. Out of her kitchen window you could see the cows walking past, grazing on the green grass with the bright blue NC sky shining. Her life was like a novel, a beautiful daughter, husband, and a house in the country. I can’t wait to go back and visit, next time I’m hoping to make it for the farmers market where they sell their goods and put of cooking demos! If you’re near Boone, NC this is certainly worth a visit on Saturday morning!












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