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Dinner – Asparagus, Beet, and Citron

This was a three course dinner, total cost for materials was around 100€. Most of the prep work was done at home and diners chose their own wine based on menu provided (photos provided by diners)

Entree –

Seasonal white asparagus with poached egg and bacon sauce and crumble

Filet mignon with jus, pureed and glaçage beet root

Deconstructed tarte a citron with white chocolate disk and vanilla ice cream

One comment on “Dinner – Asparagus, Beet, and Citron

  1. Julien

    An excellent meal that I would easilly pay +60 euros in a Paris restaurant!
    The tarte au cirton was just insanely good. The unconventional serving made it very interesting but the taste remained excellent.
    I also appreciated the work around betterave. I used to hate it as a kid but you made me appreciate it again.
    And the bacon taste on asparagus was a delight.
    Great dinner by great chef!

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