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Restaurant – Agape Substance, Paris, France

Update – December 2012

Chef David Toutain has left the restaurant, so I cannot speak for the quality and concept of the new chefs cuisine.

October 2011

You will have to excuse the tardiness of this review, hopefully I will have a newer one soon. But it is worth posting, in my opinion, because I really enjoyed this new restaurant and its chef David Toutain. It was very surprising to me that this restaurant didn’t receive its first Michelin star in 2012…but I expect this year it could. After having been at La Bigarrade I found the style of plating similar in the respect you were served seasonal ingredients in small, bite sized portions on comparatively large plates. It is the treatment of the quality produce and the addition of accent flavors that make it so enjoyable (Japanese especially). The environment is very modern and seating is communal, which I enjoyed until the people next to us had the same meal until the meat dish…ours was lamb and theirs was veal. I felt like I was missing out, I wanted to taste everything the chef had to offer! But don’t let that deter you, it was a very memorable meal with great wine as well as service.

Sidenote – I have to say it is very meaningful to me when a chef puts all of his staff bios on his website, from the chef to comis. They are all putting in long hours and devoting their lives to these amazing restaurants, thank you for giving them a face and name.

Open Mon-Sat lunch and dinner. Metro Odeon. 66 rue Mazarine in the 6 arrondissement, Paris. –

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