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Restaurant – Ze Kitchen Gallery, Paris, France

April 2012

My father had eaten here years ago and said he really enjoyed it.  So when we sat down to eat here I knew we would like it even though the menu on-line didn’t really interest me at first.  First of all, it is in a nice location in the 6th and is rather spacious compared to other restaurants with the same number of tables. The menu is good value, three courses for around 39€. The wine list has only a few wines to offer under 40€, but that was the only complaint I had. The service was kind and efficient… and was nice enough to try to speak English for my sister. The waiter missed the mark naming an herb and I almost feel like a jerk pointing it out here, oyster leaf vs. a nasturtium leaf.

The entrée I had was a cross between bouillabaisse and tom yum soup, with lobster. I was so happy, I’m really into Asian food but I do love French cuisine as well so this was exciting! It was complex, perfectly sized and just delicious. The other starters were tasty as well, the oysters with apple and wasabi were a really fresh, enjoyable way to eat raw oysters, and the pesto pasta with lardo was exactly as you would imagine (good, but not too exciting).

Then came the plats, and I got the pigeon with fois gras…and this might have been the best fois gras I’ve had out in a long time. I’ve eaten fois gras a million different ways, but the best (and the way it was served here) is pan seared. There is nothing better than a thin crispy exterior to the melting sweet interior. It was heaven…and the pigeon was good too. The other dishes at my table were perfectly cooked meats with crispy skins likely from perfect basting and glazing during the cooking. The other great part to the dishes at Ze Kitchen Gallery was the inclusion of mulitple sauces with each  dish. So even when you’re done, you have something to sop up with bread.

You’d think nothing can top all the rest of the dishes, then comes dessert. I made the error of choosing the dark chocolate dessert – yes, good chocolate – but nothing exciting here. My sister and fiancé chose the white chocolate dessert, which was the winner. Light meringue strips on top, a miso foam, mystery melange on the bottom that was surprisingly sweet and white chocolate cannelles. This is what a dessert should be.

Overall, great lunch, great price and looking forward to going back.

Open Mon-Fri lunch and dinner, and Saturday for dinner. Metro St.Michel. You can make reservations online on the restaurant website or at La Fourchette. 4, rue des Grands-Augustins in the 6th arrondossiment, Paris –

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