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Wine Bar – Frenchie, Paris, France

April 2012

Frenchie is a great restaurant, but it’s not likely you’ll always know three months in advance what day you want to eat there.  Which is why the wine bar is so nice.  You can get many of the same famous dishes from French at the wine bar with no reservation.  And, you are basically guaranteed a seat if you arrive about 15 minutes before the wine bar opens…because if you arrive on time or after people have already beaten you there.  Two of my favorite dishes are the burrata cheese served with pea and mint puree, and the famous smoked trout (this time with cauliflower puree), but you won’t go wrong no matter what dish you choose.  The pot au chocolate to end the meal is a no brainer, topped with passion fruit caramel.

The wine list is nice as well, because there are affordable bottles for nearly any taste.  I went and had a bottle of wine and four entrees for 70€ or $90 which was perfect for me and my guests to share and enjoy.

Of course, the wine bar is great because you immediately leave wanting to make a reservation.  Chef Gregory Marchand is one of those brilliant chefs not only for his cuisine but marketing abilities.  There is now a Frenchie cookbook and plans to open up more space next door to the wine bar this summer.

Check out the Anthony Bourdain video that helped feed the anglo craze for all things Frenchie.

Open Mon-Fri dinner only. Metro Sentier. Located at 5-6 rue du Nil, 2eme arrondissement, Paris – – go in person to make a reservation if you can.

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