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Chef Jenny Robie on NPR discussing Beets


This is actually old news but I think it’s great for two reasons:

1. Jenny Robie is an old friend of mine from high school back in NC and is pretty amazing, in and outside of the kitchen. She loved cooking even back in school and knew immediately what she wanted to do for a living. So after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in NY she made a living out if that love. Currently she is the executive chef at Cafe Collette in Brooklyn, which sadly I haven’t been able to visit but I can’t wait to…I hear only amazing things!

Cafe Collette is open Mon-Thurs 11am-midnight, Friday 11am-1am, Saturday 10am-1am, Sunday 10am-midnight. Address – 79 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States. Phone – (347) 599-1381

2. Beets. I love them. Those horrible pickled things from my childhood have been transformed into a favorite legume. Roasted beet salad? Amazing.

So, here is Jenny Robie discussing the beet on NPR. Maybe I should say there are three great reasons, NPR is pretty amazing as well.



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