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Restaurant – Mini Bar Antonio, San Remo, Italy

August 2012

When in Rome…eat pasta and pizza or whatever you hear the locals talking about. Apparently people stop in San Remo to eat at Mini Bar Antonio near the port. It’s something you might otherwise walk past, just a small set up with indoor and outdoor seating perfectly positioned to the port beaches for summer tourist season.

I guess it is a sort of novelty. The owners and staff are really nice and eager to please, and nearly everything is stamped with the restaurants name and image. They give you bibs to eat their pasta and wet napkins for washing up afterwards. That’s cute and fun. The food is fine, cheap and no thrills, but to go to San Remo just to eat there? Maybe that was an exaggeration…

Pasta with Mixed seafood (San Remo red shrimp which are a must have in the area) will run you around 14 Euro.

Corso Trento 17, San Remo, Italy. Hours vary by season.




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